Monday, January 21, 2008

Widespread gusset anxiety

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck, it's January the 21st of January, 2008! And I never even said 'happy new year' to the cyberworld. Do we still call it that? It seems like an age, is it Web 3.0 now? I can't keep up.

Great, so 2008 sees me in an enthusiastic frame of mind, and what could be better to ease one back into the blogosphere than the juxtapositioning of Paxman and pants?

He says - and I'm going to have trust Paxo here, as I do not use Marks and Spencer as my smalls providers - that the lack of 'adequate support' in the M & S male undergarment range is causing 'widespread gusset anxiety'. He wrote a letter to Stuart Rose about it [for some reason called Sir Stuart Rose in the above linky, and here as well, which is a bit previous - he's not actually been knighted yet...]

So that's all very funny, cheerful return to work, return to blogging, Monday smiles... Jeremy's in a win-win scenario because it makes him look both action for normal blokes bloke and also implies that he - ahem - needs that adequate support... ['yeeeeeeeees']... and certainly nothing at all to do with M&S needing some feelgood publicity and a bit of public attention. Hope Paxman's getting some money off them.